MacBook pro factory reset

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Efter at jeg har slettet harddisken og vil installere styreprogrammet igen, så kommer følgende fejl:

What to do?

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huskede du at deautoriser kontoen? Icloud,itunes osv?


If your Mac shipped with a grey System Install DVD, start your Mac with that disc inserted in the optical drive while holding the c key to boot from it instead of its internal volume, which should be erased before selling it.If your Mac did not ship with discs, boot OS X Internet Recovery:using three fingers press and hold the following keys: (command), option, and R. With a fourth finger press the power button to turn on the Mac.Keep the other three fingers where they are until you see the "spinning globe" icon.This method forces the Mac to download its originally installed OS from Apple's servers, which will not require an Apple ID to install.Remove any Open Firmware password if you created one: select Firmware Password Utility from the Utilities menu and remove it.Select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.Remove any partitions you may have created.Select the Mac's hard disk icon, then select the "Erase" tab.Select the "Security Options" button and erase the disk.The more "securely" you erase the disk, the longer it will take.The fastest method is sufficient since all but the most expensive techniques and equipment will be able to recover securely erased data.When it finishes, quit Disk Utility.Select Install Mac OS X from the Utilities menu. An Apple ID will not be required. If a prompt for an Apple ID appears, return to Step 5.Do not create any user accounts.When it finishes, shut down the computer.

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