Billetter til Universidad Catolica-Universidad de Chile

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Hej PN!

I ved alt. Derfor håber jeg at en af jer vil være så venlig at fortælle mig, hvordan jeg får fat i billetter til Universidad Catolica-Universidad de Chile d. 18. oktober.

Jeg har forsøgt mig med diverse google-søgninger, men har endnu ikke fundet noget brugbart. Jeg har ligeledes besøgt klubbernes hjemmesider, men jeg synes stadig ikke jeg kan finde ud af, hvordan jeg anskaffer de billetter.

Jeg håber I, endnu en gang, kan vise jeres værd og hjælpe mig i denne situation. På forhånd tak! :)

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Har lige spurgt en ven som bor i Chile - mon ikke han kan hjælpe. Vender retur når jeg har svar!

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Prøv at skrive til dem her

Buying Tickets
Games between the top teams (mentioned previously) attract fervent support and are very well attended. Ticket prices range from approximately$5,000 CLP (US$10) for corner seats and the galeria (behind the goals), to as much as $22,000 CLP (US$45) for the most privileged positions in the Tribuna (along the sides). Prices will be more for special games involving teams from other countries and for games involving the National selection.

Where to sit:

I advise visitors to avoid the galeria, which are the areas directly behind the goals, as these sectors are the preferred locations for the most fervent supporters.Whilst it may be easy to exaggerate the potential dangers of being in these areas, there is no doubt that it is not for the faint-hearted, especially when the most popular teams are involved.

Where to buy:

An important fact to remember is that in Chile, it is not a simple process to buy all your sporting tickets online and there is no central site to purchase tickets to all games. Apart from Colo-Colo and Universidad de Chile games, there is no online site where you can purchase tickets. Therefore, the most reliable (if not the most convenient) option is to purchase your tickets at the stadium ticket office before the game. For games between the big three, it is advisable to buy your tickets well in advance and not on the day of the game. For other games, there is usually no difficulty obtaining tickets from the stadium ticket office even on the day of the game.
Here are some suggestions for obtaining tickets without having to trek out to the stadium ticket office:
Colo-Colo Games: ticket-express is the current online seller of tickets to these games. Tickets to the club museum and for a tour of the stadium are also available to buy on this site.
Universidad de Chile Games: The authorised online seller is
Games not involving Colo-Colo or Universidad de Chile: The authorised online seller is Ticketpro but they have only tickets for random games available to purchase online. Fortunately, they have appointed two stores as agents, retail store 100% Football and the department store chain Hites. Fans can go to these stores to check on availability, select their seat and have the ticket printed in-store. You must physically go to one of the stores to acquire your ticket if it is for a game that is not featured on the Ticketpro website. 100% Footbal is in Costanera Center, 4th Floor and has 7 other locations in Santiago, at the Mall Plaza chain of shopping malls; it also has stores in Viña del Mar and Talcahuano. The store sells all kinds of football items, especially team shirts from Chile as well as shirts from the most popular European teams.

Games involving the Chile National team:

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Har hørt fra en dansk/chilensk ven at de store kampe dernede med colo cool mm er tæt på livsfarlige at overvære. .. ved ikke om den kamp du gerne vil se er en højrisiko kamp dog.

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